5 Ways To Upgrade Your Laundry Room


If you are like many people, you might not get particularly excited when you think about spending time in your laundry room and getting your laundry done. However, if you upgrade your laundry room, you might find that you will want to spend more time in there than ever. These are a few tips for taking your laundry room to the next level.

1. Upgrade Your Washer and Dryer

If you have an older washer and dryer, then now might be the time to upgrade. Newer, sleeker-looking appliances can instantly make your laundry room look sharp, and some washers and dryers have tons of features that make getting nice, clean clothes a whole lot easier. Plus, some of them are designed to conserve water and energy, which is obviously a good thing.

2. Get Organized

If your laundry room is a big mess, then now might be the time for you to start focusing on getting organized. Installing shelving and neatly storing things like your laundry detergent, laundry basics and more can help you instantly make your laundry room look nicer and can make it easier for you to find what you need when you are washing and folding clothes.

3. Put in a Sink

If you don't already have a sink in your laundry room, now might be the time to install one. Then, you will have a dedicated sink that you can use for rinsing out stains, handwashing clothes and more. A good residential plumber should be able to help you with installing a nice, deep sink that is perfect for use in your laundry room.

4. Decorate

Who says that your laundry room has to look plain and boring? Adding a coat of paint to the walls and hanging up a few signs or pictures can help you make it look more welcoming and attractive. 

5. Add Some Entertainment

If you have a big family and therefore have a lot of laundry, or if you otherwise spend a lot of time in your laundry room, then you may want to do what you can to make it more entertaining and less boring. Consider installing a TV on the wall so that you can enjoy your favorite TV shows or movies while you're washing and folding your clothing, or put in a radio so that you can listen to music. You may find that your laundry room will become one of your favorite rooms in the house if you do.


12 March 2018

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